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About Divinity

Divinity Boutique is a gift company that is focused on contemporary and fun gifts that feature inspirational verse and themes. This website was designed for our wholesale customers who would like to place orders online. We launch over 1,000 new items every year, so check back often to see the new, trendy, and fun additions to our product line from our great in-house design team. All of our products are distributed from our warehouse in Bristol, TN.

We offer Free Freight everyday to customers who have an order of $400 or more in merchandise on our website. *Products sold as a closeout or with a discount do not qualify to receive free freight or any additional discounts or promotions that may be offered. Add code FREFRT to your order and our customer service department will remove the freight from your order if paid by credit card. If you have open credit with us then you can remove those charges when paying your invoice as long as your invoice is paid within terms.

In 2014, Divinity Boutique defined a higher purpose for our company. To emphasize our purpose, we defined our company mission statement that our employees and customers can refer to when they make decisions.

Divinity's Mission Statement

Divinity creates joyful products that encourage and inspire your faith in God. Through the support of our customers, we will strive to reduce social and religious oppression and poverty in an effort to make the world a better place to live.

In support of our mission statement, Divinity has launched Production With A Purpose. To find out more about this program, read below.

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About Divinity's Production With A Purpose

Divinity Boutique created Production With A Purpose to help those in need.  Each year or program will change, but our purpose will remain the same.  

In 2013, Divinity teamed up with Truth Ministries to help the impoverished in India. Our Production With A Purpose programs goal is to help reduce poverty, fight social and religious oppression, and provide help to people through the sale of our products. Each year we find different ways to help those in need.  

In 2014 and 2015 Divinity donated 500,000 greeting cards to ARMS a charity that is focused on bringing the word of Christ to those most in need.  ARMS is a prison ministry that distributes free greeting cards to prisoners through a network of prison chaplins.  

In 2016, Divinity introduced a line of recycled leather tote bags and pillows that are hand made by woman in India who are living in poverty.  This product line provides these woman with income while allowing them to stay at home and take care of thier children.  Divinity will also donate 40,000 pairs of socks to Operation Christmas Child.  Operation Christmas Child supports those in need in the USA.  They are part of the Billy Graham ministry and they distribute shoe boxes filled with daily essentials to those in need at Christmas time.

Our support of these charities would not be possible without the support of our wonderful customers.  

Thank you for your support!